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Our Student Council have been very busy this year! We began back in September when boys from both 5th and 6th Class nominated themselves to represent their class. Following a great canvassing week, where the candidates made posters and delivered speeches, we held an election. Every student, teacher and SNA cast their vote but then it was a long 24 hour wait until Mr. Cuthbert announced our 2022-2023 Student Council Members the next day.

Mr. Kenny’s Class: Seán, Szymon, Alejandro
Mr. O’Hanlon’s Class: Joshua, Patrick, James
Ms. Ní Chorcora’s Class: Ben, Andrew
Ms. Spillane’s Class: Conor, Kiran

The Council have been busy since, organising competitions, Frása na Seachtaine and running some events like the Pokemon/Match Attax Swap. Student Council have lots more fun events coming this term including a heavily requested Bake Sale!

Well done to all our members and keep up the good work!

Ms. Ní Chorcora

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